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Classic Stretch-Leather Leggings: Gray
Classic Stretch-Leather Leggings: Gray
Classic Stretch-Leather Leggings: Gray
Classic Stretch-Leather Leggings: Gray
Classic Stretch-Leather Leggings: Gray

Classic Stretch-Leather Leggings: Gray


Size Chart

Also available in Black, White  and Atlantic Blue.

The best pants you will ever own. Featured in Vogue and worn by Olivia Palermo, these super comfortable stretch lamb leather leggings have a stretch cotton backing for a flattering fit that keeps its shape. Mid-rise cut, the curved waistband sculpts to every body—no zippers, buttons, or extra bulk. Wear them every day, dress them up, dress them down, wash them like a sweater but not too often, once a season is enough and any more will dry out the leather, great in any weather.;

* Size 6 has a 9" rise and 32" inseam
* 100% lambskin; backing: 97% cotton, 3% Lycra 
* Hand wash warm, drip dry (or dry clean)
* Handmade in NYC


Daryl K leather leggings are made from the finest French and Italian lamb skin for the softest, most luxurious quality available. They are the original stretch leather leggings first made in 1999, known by insiders to be the best fitting and highest quality leather leggings available. 

Our leather leggings can last for many years with the right care. It is possible to wash them by hand as you would a wool sweater in lukewarm water + drip dry. Do not wash often - once a season should be adequate as this will dry out and weaken the leather. If the leather in your leggings is dry, it is possible to oil them with a soft cloth with extra virgin olive oil. If they are colored , the color will darken with oiling. Do not tumble dry as this dries out the leather too much. 

Please make sure to purchase the correct size leggings as the leather should not be stressed by being over-stretched, as this may cause them to tear. 

Unsure of your size? 

If you are unsure of your size we can determine your size. Please measure the following areas and email them to us at

(Fully around the body when the legs end and the butt begins, usually where you think you are the biggest.)
(This is the measurement from the crotch to just below the ankle bone.)




After purchasing your leather leggings, and would like further customization, email us at for consultation. We offer the following:

EXTRA LENGTH: $50 per pair
Length can be added to your leggings or they can be made shorter.

RAISING THE WAIST: $100 per pair
Raising the waist up by up to 1 1/2" is also possible.

REPAIR: $50-$100
If your leggings have been worn so much you need a new pair but you don't want to say goodbye to them yet, we can repair and patch them for you, we call them Rock N' Roll Leggings when they've been patched 'cos they look pretty cool!