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Cordelia Dietrich Zanger, Barnyard Couture.

November 29th 2015.

Lots of new product added to the website today. Do check out the Longhair Stole, it's so awesome in white on Cordelia Dietrich Zanger at Susan McTavish Best's loft in Soho.



The Bootleggings  are the best new silhouette if you're ready to try something new .


October 6th 2015.




Listening to this while writing;

Nothing Left to Lose. The Wipers, very 80's blank generation ....

Getting time to figure out the things that are right for you......... including your wardrobe ! isn't always easy. But so important in this crazy over-paced world we live in.  

That's one thing I've had the luxury of doing since letting go of the store in 2012.

( It's funny to read an article on that "I'm back" ! when I never went anywhere, more like I "You're back" !!!  )

 More;  Stranded On my Own.  The Saints. Great 80's punk rock.

The Daryl K collection is back !

Classic covetable threaded friends, stretch leather, stretch silk,  cotton, cashmere and wool, pieces available all year round, along with other vital  seasonal necessities for the Daryl K Mothalova !         ................. And, new pieces at least once a month as well as the occasional once -off studio treasure ........

And :  Introducing MothaLova........

A blogspot of people and things, seen, heard, felt and known. 

Daryl K has been herself since 1991. ... She aint goin' nowhere..... The times that Daryl K grew up in did go somewhere though. .....Those  New York  daze of Taxi Driver,  CBGB,  Supper Club  and quiet streets where an artist could dream, live, work and spend time talking with friends over lengthy dinners with wine. 

Mothalova is a conversation between all of us who've been there, done that and  love the mother, our Earth and all it's wonderful gifts.

 ......bring your goddamn reusable bag when you go grocery shopping....!! ......if you still don't have enough of them you can buy a Daryl K one here.

 ...... The Upcoming exhibition of Jacqueline De Ribes at the Met;

Jacqueline de Ribes

The Art of Style

November 19, 2015–February 21, 2016

The new Daryl K  online store will be a ''from concentrate/distilled" designed collection, housing favorite and timeless pieces , updated, from each decade. There will also be new as there always has to be new with Fashion........

We will also be Popping Up at various locations around the US, Daryl K MC's will be hosting  fun and friendly trunk shows in their homes and businesses where the collections will be available for purchase. Please email us if you'd like to find out more.





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