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At JFK, on the way back from a recent trip to Japan, I found myself chatting to the customs officer about uniforms when he asked me if as a fashion designer there was anything I could do with his uniform, plucking at it disdainfully. Actually, I told him, I find uniforms an inspiration.

For the nth winter now, leather leggings have been a staple in my wardrobe, my uniform.
A uniform of a sort for each season is the stylish womens approach to fashion. For me leather leggings comprise the basis of my uniform every fall /winter season for many years now .They are the simplest most practical ( washable ) reliable, versatile, comfortable,  sexy and irreplaceable item I own. 
Each year, I wear them a different way, styled a little differently than the last. This year I enjoy wearing them with a dress as well as a multitude of other ways. I own several pairs, each one fits a different purpose, the oldest pair I own is a little thicker leather than the latest version and they are perfect for wear in the country, doing country things like hiking, biking, yard work and  under snow pants. (A suede pair is great for horse riding.)
These stretch leather pull-on pants are simply quite addictive and form the basis of a perfect uniform of style. Once discovered by women, they become just this and their price tag of $895 is an excellent investment when cost per wear is evaluated as it is difficult not to pull them on virtually every day. The woman who will appreciate this garment wants to invest in several pieces of highly wearable clothing each season. Pieces that combine essential elements of style; versatility, comfort, modernity, sexiness. The woman who requires a uniform of style, who does not wish to address the time consuming issue of fashion every day. 
One friend, a doctor who recently acquired a pair, was in a bind when faced with the question of what to wear to a fancy meditation/yoga evening held in a private home. Her new leather leggings which awaited her unopened in a box, having just been delivered, was the perfect solution, and as she sat cross-legged in lotus position her experience was greatly enhanced. Loaded with the knowledge that desire for material goods are the root to unhappiness, there are times when they bear the fruit to sweeten your life deliciously.
- Daryl

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