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Get Up Stand Up............cont. Nov. Thurs !7th 2011

NOV, 17th. 10.00pm.

Marching over the Brooklyn Bridge with the 99% this evening was a great and visceral experience, comparable to a great night/ day dancing at Body and Soul. The energy of the people was positively palpable. Traffic from both directions was honking in support of the protest so although there were 32,500 people marching, there were many many more showing solidarity. Projections on the side of the verizon building said '' WE ARE WINNING, '' "DO NOT BE AFRAID",  "LOVE" along with other slogans chanted as we walked over the bridge.

At the end of the bridge in Brooklyn, people were diverted onto one path down a staircase, I asked one policeman in riot gear why this was happening, he stared me down angrily and would not answer, I expressed that I had a right to know, he continued to stare me down, walking along, I proceeded to ask another , then another who did explain that it was for traffic safety which was reasonable as the bridge does end in the middle of  8 lanes of traffic. It  led me to wonder who the police would '' protect and serve" if push came to shove,  it didn't seem like they would protect and serve us, even thought they too are the 99%.
The OWS movement has encouraged people to be motivated and feel empowered in just the way the Constitution encourages them to be, this is an exciting time. A time to find your cause, a cause, and take part. This is what the movement needs, simply for people to get involved in the issues that concern them.

Moments later, I learned that a cause I have been fighting  since 2007, protecting our air and water from Hydro-Fracking,  the extraction of natural gas from wells deep in the earth, which would contaminate our air and water, has been WON, ( for now ) the organisation called the DRBC who were set to vote Monday morning on whether or not to Frack the Delaware River have cancelled their meeting. Through thousands of petitons and phonecalls, a temporary victory has been won. As the chant of the protestors on the bridge said, "we are unstoppable, another world is possible."

As a fashion designer finding new energy and new inspiration from the world we live in is my M.O. Drawing parallels with music, movies or events from the past are motivational tools.  Right now, I can't help loving Milos Forman's "HAIR".



This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the age of enlightenment, but as Gil Scott heron said " The revolution will not be televised"








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