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Depending on the support it receives from the nation, it could be either, but positive polls and well attended web organized events are saying this is a movement.  People are relieved and buzzed by the feeling that we, the 99%,  are not in fact powerless.  I was anxious about appearing as a protester wearing Daryl K, and I was ready to respond, that I too am part of the 99% and a working mother of two, but I didn't have to justify my presence.I had a gorgeous model/friend with me, also in Daryl K, and nobody wanted to talk to anyone but her. One businessman looked her up and down, unable to understand how such beauty found its way into the grit of protest politics. And I realized that we, people in fashion, belong down there as much as anyone. New York was built on the rag trade, not banking.    

The energy and support for the protesters in Zucotti Park is inspiring and any of us who support the movement ought to be grateful to those who are spending their days and nights, sleeping on the cold hard ground to fight for what it means to be an American and a believer in the Constitution.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the OWS organizers (
Photos by Kevin Hatt 



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    Very Inspiring clothing and commentary.
    “You gotta Stand up for your rights!”

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