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Hesta Prynn wears Daryl K in premier video.



Julie Potash isn't your typical indie girl. She's gone from rapping in Northern State to forging her own genre-defying career as Hesta Prynn.

In 2010, Prynn began recording with an unlikely fan, Slipknot percussionist Clown, on a few songs, including a cover of the Butthole Surfers' 'Pepper.' Now they've joined with Randy Scott Slavin, directer of Prynn's 'Can We Go Wrong' and 'Turn It Gold' videos, and traveled out to Clown's turf in Des Moines, Iowa to film a clip for 'Seven Sisters.' As you can see below, the video plays like a dark, sexy precursor to the slasher thriller 'The Strangers.'


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    You really found a way to make this whole prcoess easier.

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