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Jill Platner was raised in rural Massachusetts and spent most of her formative years outdoors. She came to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design and found another source of inspiration in the urban flow of culture and personalities. Her unique perspective and outstanding abilities as a metalsmith has led to a distinct line of jewelry that has been considered ‘wearable art’ by press, fans and collectors – while her recent exhibition of large-scale sculptures places an indelible mark on Jill’s artistic contribution – a genuine downtown New York icon.

Her jewelry has been seen in the recent Fall Runway shows on the Daryl K runway.

Photos by Max Lakner


Tell us about your latest creations?
Launching this month in May, I exhibited a series of large-scale sculptures in bronze, steel, and copper. I have been focused on creating this series over the last 6 months – it was the right time to reveal the work and my personal identity as a sculptor. Although there is a natural connection to the creation of my jewelry pieces, this show realizes my personal relationship to large-scale sculptural forms. I have always considered myself an artist, following my inspiration and love of fabrication…absorbing, thinking, forming, realizing, and experimenting. It has simply been incredible to do this recent show–very rewarding and the response has been fantastic.

What inspires you?
The cross-roads of nature and mechanics – my recent sculpture are very much about connectivity, gravity, organic, movement, interaction...where heavy meets light. I am freak for the material process! Cutting of the metal, forming, welding, melting, casting, and making intensely dense material into fluid forms.


When did you first wear Daryl K?
My first Daryl K pants were basically my first "grown up pants" - the classic Daryl K bootleg bright red jean - I believe in 1993. In fact, I still have them and wear them from time to time…preserved! I always remember my first night wearing the pants, dancing in my loft with a small party….your now art-director Jimmy Raskin came right up to me also wearing a Daryl K sleeveless shirt. We have been best of friends ever since.

Tell us about your lifestyle…your preferred sense of style?
In a word: “Busy!” I am busy because I love my work, and live near where I work. I love to throw on clothes that are easy with a wearable kind of edge - fun and sexy. It matches my hair actually - cut by friend April Barton at Suite 303 - styled with fun slashes and layers…ultimately strong femininity.




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    Beautiful pictures, the swing sculpture is very charming. She looks like a nice woman and I am going to explore her jewelry website. thanks

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