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Hesta Prynn Visits Daryl K






Hesta Prynn, up and coming electro-hip-hop-rock-star, stopped by Daryl K last night for a photo shoot by photographer Max Lakner. Hesta rocked out Daryl K’s new “Citizen T” top along with her famed Leather Leggings. The top is featured on the cover of the March issue of GLAMOUR magazine. Hesta was styled by Daryl K herself and tried on multiple ensembles, all complementing her edgy persona that parallels her unconventional vocals and thumping beats that you can hear on her first solo album, “Can We Go Wrong”. Hesta will make a cameo appearance on the runway for Daryl K's February Fall Fashion Show. Hear and see more of Hesta at:




Here is Hesta's latest video!






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